NAYA Logo redesign

NAYA family center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services for self identified Native American families. Their mission is to enable Native American youth and families to thrive in a modern urban environment by strengthening cultural identity and values.

NAYA’s current symbol, a combination of a dream catcher and medicine wheel, was designed in the early 90’s as part of a contest. While the current mark carries meaning and familiarity, it presents technical challenges in print and digital materials. Our job was to make the logo more functional while keeping a level of familiarity and not losing the most important symbolism. To NAYA, the medicine wheel represents their approach to education and how they help families. Each quadrant symbolizes a different phase in their approach. The dream catcher, while meaningful to many Native America tribes, wasn’t specifically relevant to NAYA as an organization. We decided of focus on the medicine wheel, and adapt it to be identifiable as a symbol for NAYA.

By rotating the wheel 45 degrees, the negative space created by the bottom quadrant references a indigenous dwelling, such as a wigwam, log hut, or teepee. The NAYA Family Center, being not only a literal shelter for people, is a shelter for Native American culture in today’s modern world. The symbolism is fitting. The colors of the medicine wheel were slightly desaturated to allow them to work better in combination with one another. This allows for vibrant color arrangements that are more fitting for the youth that they represent.

My Roll: Designer.