Confluence Concert Posters

The Confluence is a nonprofit performing arts group with a focus on exposing their community to world class live music. Because of its vast, rural setting, Miles City, Montana is often deprived of cultural perks that more populated areas are able to take advantage of. The founders of the Confluence, named after the geographic confluence of the Tongue and Yellowstone rivers that Miles City sits upon, decided to quench the town’s thirst for expressive art forms. They snatch up some of the world class artists who are traveling the nearby I-94, between Minneapolis and the Pacific Northwest.

Geographically, Miles City a great stop over for the artists, but it provides an interesting challenge for promotion: Musicians such as James McMurtry and Ray Wylie Hubbard, who are big enough to have followings in other parts of the country, have little name recognition in Eastern Montana and rarely have attention grabbing promotional materials. To remedy this, the Confluence sought the help of Miles City’s favorite son, Rafe J. Stewart.

Being a rural community with a small downtown area, I make use of good old-fashioned posters to get the word out. Whether it’s the energy of Tommy Castro, or the poetry of James McMurtry, each poster expresses some unique quality of that artist. This gives the otherwise uninformed public something to base expectations on.

My Roll: Designer, Illustrator