PureView Website

The Cooperative Health Center, in Helena, MT, went through an organizational refresh. Since they were established as a Community Health Center, the public perceived them as being exclusively for the uninsured population. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act and health insurance became a requirement, Cooperative Health Center’s previously uninsured patients would be free to go elsewhere. This made it necessary for them to reposition themselves as offering services for everyone, not just underprivileged and uninsured. They built a new facility, hired new staff, and rebranded themselves as a forward thinking, community focused alternative to the larger hospital systems. As part of this, a new website was required.

One confusion people had was not understanding what PureView offered and who it was for. The website addresses this by treating each area of their organization like an artist’s portfolio. Key pieces of information are available on the homepage, as opposed to being buried within the site. This makes jumping to a specific piece of content easer, while visually showing PureView as a complete provider with a full offering of services. The photography based based homepage serves as a contrast to the content heavy, typography driven interior pages. It give the feeling of cleanliness while allowing the content to be easy to access. PureView is still a young organization. Building the site on Wordpress will allowed the content and homepage to be completely customizable so website can grow with them. Visit the site here.

My Roll: Designer, Developer